IBM Connections – problem displaying thumbnails for Office files

A few weeks ago we migrated the environment of a customer from Connections 4.0 to 5.0 CR2. In that step we also integrated IBM Docs (Viewer and Conversion parts) as a new feature to the setup. After successful data migration a few days later we noticed some problems with thumbnails not being display in the […]

No new Communities show up in Communities overview

No new Communities show up in Communities overview Sometimes it happens, that new Communities are not shown in the Communities overview section. Technically there is a Community indexer task that updates a list of communities each 30 seconds by default. Especially after migrations / restores or also full file system conditions, this index might get […]

IBM Connections 5 CR2 – Atom feed changes

Hi all, we were just in the middle of updating our productive IBM Connections 5 environment from CR1 to CR2 when we found out about a new feature in IBM Connections 5 CR2 that controls the ATOM feed structure. We`re using DDC (Digital Data Connector) to display the Activity Stream in WebSphere Portal. DDC uses […]

Library Widget cannot be added / Filenet

Library Widget cannot be added / Filenet Hi all, it`s been a while … I was on parental leave for 2 months. I became father for the third time 😉 But as you can imagine also during my time being away from work IBM software did not stop challenging us. This time we had to […]