SAML – Enterprise SSO in the WebSphere world

SAML – Enterprise SSO in the WebSphere world Hi all, this time I want to introduce a very „hot topic“ – SAML SSO. I want to give a brief overview what this is and what role it plays in our WebSphere world. So let`s get started What is SAML SAML (or Security Assertion Markup Language) […]

IBM Connections 5 CR2 – Atom feed changes

Hi all, we were just in the middle of updating our productive IBM Connections 5 environment from CR1 to CR2 when we found out about a new feature in IBM Connections 5 CR2 that controls the ATOM feed structure. We`re using DDC (Digital Data Connector) to display the Activity Stream in WebSphere Portal. DDC uses […]

What we learned from the Shellshock security problem

What we learned from the Shellshock security problem Times are gone where small companies like us can trust that they are not the primary targets of any new hacking attacks. Some months ago triggered by security newsletters and alerts from IBM we checked if our systems were affected by the so-called Shellshock security issue. And […]

SDS (TDS): Hide plaintext passwords

SDS (TDS): Hide plaintext passwords Many of our IBM Connections installations use SDS (Security Directory Server) aka. TDS (Tivoli Directory Server) as LDAP system. When installing version 6.3 out of the box, a rather not so nice security problem (in my opinion) is built in: Passwords of all users can be read in plaintext by […]

IBM Connections – root vs. non-root installation

IBM Connections – root vs. non-root installation Hi all, this time I want to provide some arguments, why you should install IBM Connections (or any other WebSphere related software where non-root installations are supported) using a non-root user. Last week I did a health check on an IBM Connections environment that was installed by the […]

WebSphere Portal / Communitypages VMM Adapter integration

There is a pretty nice integration between WebSphere Portal and IBM Connections available, which grants access to Portalpages depending on community membership of associated communities (community pages) Here are the steps I used to activate the VMM adapter integration between IBM Connections & WebSphere Portal 8 / 8.5. Prerequisites Check greenhouse for the latest IBM […]

Personalization does not work for all users

Currently I`m working on a WebSphere Portal 8 project, where a lot of personalization rules are used to control visibility of certain portlets. In this case, the IBM Connections portlet (Activity Stream) should only be shown to certain users – the rest of the portlets on the page should be visible to all users. So […]


Hi, this is the very first entry of our new GIS AG Techblog. In this blog we want to spread knowledge, technical hints about the IBM Collaboration software, with which we work every day. We all are heavily involved in projects and we learn a lot everyday, that might be interesting for other consultants as […]