Personalization does not work for all users

Currently I`m working on a WebSphere Portal 8 project, where a lot of personalization rules are used to control visibility of certain portlets. In this case, the IBM Connections portlet (Activity Stream) should only be shown to certain users – the rest of the portlets on the page should be visible to all users. So […]

IBM Sametime 9 Fixes – May 2014

IBM has published new security fixes for IBM Sametime Proxy,  IBM Sametime Meeting 9.0 and the Sametime WebPlayer Plugin on the 21st of May 2014. These fixes resolve the security issues described in the following technotes: “Security Bulletin: Security fixes for Sametime Proxy Server and Web Client” (#1673260) “Security Bulletin: Various Meeting Server Security […]

IBM Connections Next – new features

Most of our IBM Connections customers as well as we can barely wait for the new release “IBM Connections Next”.  End of June 2014 is the estimated date for the release. In order to shorten the time until then, I made a summary of information we already have about IBM Connections Next in this blog […]


Hi, this is the very first entry of our new GIS AG Techblog. In this blog we want to spread knowledge, technical hints about the IBM Collaboration software, with which we work every day. We all are heavily involved in projects and we learn a lot everyday, that might be interesting for other consultants as […]