My Experiences with IBM Connections 5 – Part 2

My Experiences with IBM Connections 5 – Part 2

So far that the first installations have been completed, I started looking at the new functionality of IBM Connections 5. I found some really cool things…

Let`s start by looking at the new feature list…

Communities / External feature

– Trash bin for Communities – GREAT! I like that. You can completely restore deleted communities, as long as they are in the trash (after 90 days deleted communities will be removed from the trash)


– Configuration of the Community startpage – Also very useful – works as expected





– The “customize” dialog is renamed to “Add Apps”


– more than one ideation blog can be added to a community


So far everything works without a problem.

The problems / drawbacks:

– Migrated Communities cannot be opened for externals. This is wanted, as externals could get access to confidential information through this – maybe IBM gives the chance to decide this in the near future. Technically it is a switch in the database to open a community for externals (but sadly direct database changes are not supported 🙁 )

– The CCM Library Widget cannot be added to Communities that are open for externals

– Seems to get a lot confusion, when changing an internal user (who already accessed IC) to an external one. This does not seem to work well – maybe these are also sync issues … I will retest this further

– There is an inconsistency when accessing the features as an external user by direct URLs – e.g. https://SERVERNAME/wikis or https://SERVERNAME/activites. Then the system behaves differently. I know that this would not be the way to access IC as an external – but I`m sure our customers will find out 😉

  • If you access https://SERVERNAME/wikis – you get redirected to communities
  • If you access https://SERVERNAME/dogear – you get a “denied” message shown
  • If you access a users profile (not the business card) – you get a message that the profile is not present

Well this is not really an issue – but more cosmetic and nice to have if this would be consistent. The good info at this point is that the user never sees any content he / she is not allowed to. So even by accessing the feature directly, no public or private content is shown.

Homepage / Activity Stream

– Hastags / Hashtagssearch – yeah nice but known already from IC4.5 CR4

– Reposting / inline commenting – also great feature

– Preview of URLs in status updates – This does not work with all websites. For one of my installations, it does not work at all. For the other it did… I`ll have to retest this further. This is a nice feature, especially cause embedded videos e.g. from YouTube can be played directly in the activity stream 😉

– Type-ahead search in the Directory – very useful… only for internal users!


– Activity Stream search is sooo cool 😉 – This really helps a lot to be able to find the stuff you need!


– Preview functionality for files – Well… You`ll need the IBM Docs Fileviewer for this, which is not clear to everyone. So you need a Windows server to install the docs conversion part and the viewer component. A lot of overhead for this function. I did not test this until now


– Direct pasting images into editor – this works with the CK Editor now too… But not consistent! If you write a community description it does not work. If you use it in the Wikis component it works… wired!

FEB (Forms Experience Builder)

– A new version is shipped for IC5 – 8.5.1 The installation is almost the same. It seems that there are no big changes in this build (at least I did not find major changes)


– Filesync is available for mobile and starting from IC5 for Windows desktops. This is a great enhancement but it is restricted to the files feature. CCM content cannot get “synced”


– As far as I could see, there are no major changes in the CCM functionality (but I did not look into each detail)

– The installation / configuration is really nice… No more need to access the /acce config for the post install steps.


– As far as I could see, there are no major changes in the metrics functionality (but I did not look into each detail)

– Also here the installation / configuration is now done via Installation Manager – it takes quite a while until everything is ready but you do not need to manually execute scripts

Technically – migration paths

The migration works for:

  • direct migration from all 4.5 versions
  • migration from 3.0 per 3.0 – 4.0 – 4.5 – 5
  • migration from 4.0 per 4.0 – 4.5 – 5
  • migration between database vendors still works for (DB2 <-> MSSQL / DB2 <-> ORACLE / ORACLE <-> MSSQL)

When migrating from 4.5 – 5 you can reuse the searchindex – very useful in huge environments, where recreating the search index can take several hours

More details on IBM Connections 5

This week, my colleague Tine Wagner and me did a webcast about IBM Connections 5. You should have a look at the following slides that show very detailed information about IBM Connections 5

SORRY, the presentation is in German 😉

Download (PDF, 6.27MB)

Presentation as download: GIS-Webcast_IBM-Connections-V5

My colleague also recorded the webcast (also in German):

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