ECM Search issue with German “Eszett” – CLFRW0303E: Search has encountered a problem while crawling ecm_files

ECM Search issue with German “Eszett” – CLFRW0303E: Search has encountered a problem while crawling ecm_files

I want to inform you about another issue we`re facing in one of our customer environments that is related to the IBM Connections search.

To summarize the problem:
Documents, uploaded by users with an “Eszett – ß” in their name into a IBM Connections Filenet library can causes the search crawler to fail…

IBM asked us to simply rename the users display name… But come on this is not acceptable for us in Germany, as we`re using many of these special characters just by default in our language.

Our first analysis – by looking through the seedlist directly showed us where the crawler stopped… This was a file called „IBM Connections – Guide for beginners“ – uploaded by “Peter Meißner”. This “Meißner” seems to cause the problem, as Filenet thinks these are invalid character.
After enabling traceing the problem showed up like this in the log:

CLFRW0588I: Search is starting to index the ecm_files component.
 9763   9733 2014/08/04-21:01:26  
<exclusive-start id="1866"
timestamp="2014-08-04T21:01:26.711" intervalms="10751.961">
 10698  10668 2014/08/04-21:03:24  
[8/4/14 21:03:24:551 CEST] 00000083
SystemErr     R [Fatal Error] :25069:58: An invalid XML character (Unicode:
0xb) was found in the element content of the document.
10699  10669 2014/08/04-21:03:24  [8/4/14 21:03:24:551 CEST] 00000083
run CLFRW0303E: Search has encountered a problem while crawling ecm_files.
The final seedlist page could not be reached. The crawl of ecm_files could
not be completed successfully

But there is a fix available for this issue. You have to upgrade FNCS to the version „Filenet Collaborative Services“ in order to get make the search work again…

You can use the well known step-by-step directions from IBM to apply the new FNCS version:

Title: Step-by-Step directions for applying CR2, CR3, CR4, or CR5 for
Connections 4.5 with Connections Content Manager

You only have to follow 2.1, 2.3 and 2.5 …
I`m not a fan of this „Step-by-Step“ thing from IBM, as it is rather unclear in some screenshots and sounds more like a guide from a self manufactured software piece.

You can only hope that the update procedure for Filenet gets more comfortable in the near future. But that`s another story… After installing this Fix the search started working again – without renaming the user.  😉

Great another issue solved

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