High DB2 activity of IBM Connections Homepage database – Part 2

High DB2 activity of IBM Connections Homepage database – Part 2

Some time ago I wrote about a problem with the search application that caused some serious problems in one our IBM Connections environment. The search index did not refresh and the size of the homepage database grew up to 18 GB in size (compressed database backup).

After long discussions with IBM support team, we got a L3 contact that found the following errors in the trace logs:

Bildschirmfoto 2014-10-01 um 07.57.59

Running several “off-tasks” to force the search index to rebuild did not proceed…

Solving the problem

The hint from the IBM was to search for 0 KB file in the data/shared/ExtractedText folder. After we found and deleted the file, the search started working again…

But this didn`t clean out all the bad data entries from the database “Homepage” – the size of a compressed backup was still about 18 GB!!!.

So in our maintenance window for our customer we additionally had to run the following steps to get rid of the bad data:

1) Stop the Homepage/News/Search Server
2) Backup the Homepage database
3) Run reorg.sql on the Homepage database
5) Run updateStats.sql
6) Check tablespace size.

After running these steps, we created another backup and checked the size. I was surprised about the result, because it was a real big difference. The size of the compressed backups changed from 18 GB to 338 MB!!

Bildschirmfoto 2014-10-01 um 07.58.24

With this result we were able to close the PMR 😉

Addtionally, IBM wants to release an APAR for this problem to rather skip 0 kb files than making the searchindex go creazy 😉

Christian Weghaus

3 thoughts on “High DB2 activity of IBM Connections Homepage database – Part 2

  1. Hello Christian, may I ask what was in your reorg.sql and your updateStats.sql. We are having the same issue with our Homepage DB. 50gb backup.

  2. Hello Michael,
    thanks for your message. Please look out for a reorg.sql command on your database server. there should be a folder with the name homepage for your db2 homepage database. Additionaly we had to run the command “Run “REORG TABLE HOMEPAGE.SR_INDEX_DOCS LONGLOBDATA”.

    best regards,

  3. Also consider that after your logfilesz and the number of log files is high enough that the reorg can finish correctly.

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