IBM Connections 5 CR1 released

IBM Connections 5 CR1 released

Hi all,

some of you might have been waiting for it as much as I do 😉 and here it is… IBM Connections 5 CR1

There are a lot of fixes in this CR – the full fix list

There are some new features – the full new feature list

Here are some of the new features

  • @mentions in CCM – GREAT! Finally we can use it now nearly everywhere in IC5
  • New file preview design in stream
  • View full file from thumbnail – That`s a great improvement. The functionality as it is in IC5 CR0 is not really that cool
  • And support for IBM i!!! That`s really great. There are some customers just waiting for this to happen 😉

You can download the package here

Update strategy can be found here

You need to update Filenet (Server, Client and FNCS need to be on version

You need to update databases for Activities, Blogs, Community Calendar, Files, Forums, and Homepage

Also have a look at this Technote. It is about a problem that the waltz and sonata jars are not updated successfully!

I`ll update our environment in the next days and get back with my findings.

2 thoughts on “IBM Connections 5 CR1 released

    1. Yes, that`s true.
      Even though IBM did not yet solve one of the major problem when using IC5…
      It is still mandatory to restrict access from “internet” to IBM Connections completely when using CCM and working with external users

      If Connections Content Manager (CCM) is used in your deployment and external user access is enabled, the URL to FileNet® Collaboration Services (by default /dm/*) must be blocked from external users.
      You can block external users by setting rules in a security proxy such as Tivoli® Access Manager. You can also block external users by giving them access only to a separate HTTP server that lacks a mapping for the Library or FileNet Collaboration Services (/dm/*). Test your block by browsing to your FileNet Collaboration Services URL (for instance, from the network that is used by your external users. This network can be a VPN for your visitors or the public internet. If the server returns a valid response, you did not correctly block visitors from accessing CCM.
      If the URL to FileNet Collaboration Services (/dm) is unblocked, external users might be able to directly access Libraries content in public Communities. When external users are configured for IBM Connections and CCM is enabled, you cannot add CCM Libraries or Linked Libraries to communities to which external users have access. These widgets are not available in those communities.

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