Experiences with IC5 CR1

Experiences with IC5 CR1

Hi all,

I just wanted to share my knowledge and experiences I made so far with IC5 CR1 😉

What`s new / changed?

– Installing CRs is now done using the InstallationManager – no more need to use the updateInstaller!


I like the idea to install CRs with IM too. As we install nearly all our environments with response files, this is a consequent step into the right direction to do everything with one tool

– Direct installation IC 5 CR1 is NOT possible

As we`re now using IM, I though it might work to directly install IC5 together with CR1. But sadly this is not possible! There is a mismatch of installer files, when you try to use both repositories

– Filenet update procedure has changed

OH YEAH!!! I`m really happy about this. From now on, installing Filenet updates is not a nightmare anymore 😉 Here you can find the detailed instructions

There are only minimal manual steps mandatory. Bravo IBM 😉 The right step to make this product a bit more “administrator friendly”

– New WAS version

WAS is now the recommended version for IC5 CR1

Findings / Problems

– The Filenet “12 hour problem” is NOT fixed with CR1!!!

– Installing Filenet IF3 will overwrite the sonata and waltz jars – You need to manually add them after installation

– The files widget in Communities now loads… but the description is not shown “Files” / “Folders”:


but I`m not yet sure, if this is really related to the update or to another problem in my environment.

– CCM for externals still not possible

As some people announced, “in CR1 you will be able to use CCM in external enabled communities” … this did not become true. It is still not possible. And still the recommendation is to either disable CCM when letting external users from outside use the system or disable the external feature. Or:

– install a Proxy to not allow the “/dm” path for external users

– only allow internal users to access the system via VPN

I`m really disappointed about this. This makes the implementation for several customer scenarios really really hard… so come on IBM! Get this fixed 😉

Furthermore it is not possible to place the Filenet IF3 installer files into the “CCM Installation source” folder to be installed automatically when IC5 gets installed. I just thought this is worth a try 😉 But it does not work. So IC5 Installer only takes the following Filenet files:


So still you need to install the “IFs” manually when installing CR1




I like the fact that the Filenet updates got simplified a lot. The question is if they do work in every environment of if we can expect as much problems as nearly everyone had, when the first Filenet fixes came out be installed…

Still some things are unclear und not working, which is really sad. Especially the way externals are treated, when it comes to CCM it not good. In my opinion many customers will wait for this problem to be solved until they enable external users on their IC5 environment. But maybe IBM does solve this problem faster than expected 😉

I did not have any other issues when updating to CR1! So go on and update your environment – it`s worth it …






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