IC5 CR1 – Error in CCM update script

IC5 CR1 – Error in CCM update script when using RedHat

Hi all,

I just found a bug in the update-ce.sh script for Updating Filenet to IF3… If you want to update CE as described here, you might run into this problem also.

Please note: This might only be valid for RedHat systems. I encountered the problem here… but it might also be a problem for other Linux distributions.

When you run the Script “update-ce.sh ….” you get an error, that the /tmp directory does not have enough space free!


Well… I do have enough space free:


–> 58 GB free in /tmp 😉

Also specifying another temp directory by issuing:

export IATEMPDIR=/ibm/SoftwareRepository/CPEtmp/

results in the same error message.

By looking into the update_ce.sh script, I found the following function:


the command is:

df /tmp | tail -1 | awk ‘{print $3}’
When I execute this on my command line I get:
I get 4352384 bytes, which is about 4,5 GB … But this is my “used” space and not my free space…
The script simply prints the wrong position… $3 is the column for “used space”
So let`s try this with $4:
This is about 58 GB free space… and this is correct.
The script then does the following:
(“Result from above” – 1480340*3) and checks if this is less than zero. If it is less than zero, the installation fails…
Lets see with the value when the parameter $3 is used:
(4352384 – 1480340*3)= -88636
This is wrong! And though the installation does not work for me.
Let`s try it with $4:
(56010352 – 1480340*3)= 51569332 –> 52 GB … Available space (58 GB) – 4 GB for the installer.
–> I get a positive result and the installation works 😉
So change the script the following way:
And the validation works 😉 Voila

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