IBM Connections Desktop Plugin – CCM editing / Draft review

IBM Connections Desktop Plugin – CCM editing / Draft review

End of November 2014, IBM released a new version of Connections Desktop Plugins with a great new feature “Initiate desktop editing of CCM files”.

I had a closer look at this functionality and was positively surprised, that the Plugin takes additional CCM functionality as draft review into account.
Let`s have a look how it works

First of all you need fulfill the following requirements:

–       IBM Connections 5 CR1
–       IBM Connections Desktop Plugins 14.01 or later (Download here)

Then let`s configure the community library to require draft review to see this feature in action.
I created a test community for this where I make myself as draft reviewer.

Plugins - CCM 1

I assume that you`ve already configured your connector, so that we can directly start.
So when you upload a file to a library you will now see an information that this file has been checked in for draft review.

Plugin - CCM 2

Translation: “the file that has been added for check-in, has been checked-in and is submitted for approval”
The file will have a mark that it is in “draft review”

Plugins - CCM3

If the draft reviewer (here User X) also uses the Plugin he / she can approve or reject directly from here

Plugins - CCM4


If this is approved the file mark is gone

Plugins - CCM5


Now let`s directly edit the file using the Plugin

Plugins - CCM7

As soon as I save the file an information box will show up at the right corner of Windows OS asking me click to upload the file or check it in.

Plugins - CCM8

Clicking this and will see a window of all you draft elements.

Plugins - CCM9

You can then right click the file and specify to directly check in.

Plugins - CCM10

As we have the draft review active the information comes up

Plugin - CCM 2

“Your file has been checked in for approval”
… After approval the changed version of the file available.

This functionality works really great. I like the possibility to edit CCM files using the Plugin. Thanks for this great enhancement.

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