Checking DB2 Backups with Nagios Monitoring Software

Checking DB2 Backups with Nagios Monitoring Software

An another important thing for an IBM Connections environment is the creation of the database backups.

In IBM Connections environments each application holds its data in its own database.

Its necessary to create routinely backups of those databases and (in best practise) save them additionaly on an external device or backup system such as TSM.
The open-source Software Nagios makes it possible to check if all backups ran successfully.

The possibitilies here are unlimited.

In this case we installed 17 instances ( each database in its own istance ) and full online backups creation starts daily at night.

Windows 7 GIS 2015-02-20 15-38-15

The script that we implemented into the Nagios server is this (each instance has its own check-point) 2015-02-20 15-46-28

But as mentioned before this is just one of many possibilities you can implement using nagios. Its also possible to check the availability of the Connections applications, the databases itself, the connection status of the HADR connection from one database to the standby database.

If you need more informations please do not hesitate to comment on this blog or to get in touch with us.

Christian Weghaus

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