IBM Docs 1.0.7 released

Today IBM released version 1.0.7 of IBM Docs.
New features include:

  • Support for Windows 2012
  • Provided GUI Installer to automatically install and upgrade IBM Connections Docs components
  • Added Sametime integration
  • Enabled integration with IBM Content Navigator (ICN) and Connections Content Manager (CCM)

I hope to be able to do a first install in the next couple of days.
You can find the download under the package number “CN30NML“.

Be aware that some of the new features (CCM integration for example) require at least Connections 5.0 CR2 as base, which is not yet released (update) was also released today.

Some interesting links about this topic:

Update 2015-05-21:
The Docs 1.0.7 installation package has been refreshed. The above mentioned part number is not up-to-date!

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