CCM files editing in IBM Docs 1.0.7 – a tough job

CCM files editing in IBM Docs 1.0.7 – a tough job

As you may know editing / viewing of CCM files is supported in IBM Connections 5 CR2 in combination with IBM DOCS 1.0.7.

Some weeks ago I wanted to try this new feature. But I had no luck! I ended up with the cognition that IBM often does not prepare a proper documentation when they release a new feature.

Some words about the installation of IBM Docs 1.0.7

I was looking forward how IBM would handle the remote installation topic – you can now install IBM Docs from a central point (IM) on x numbers of virtual machines. So… this is done by using IBMs Job Manager that is part of WebSphere Application server – a pretty powerful tool… but for me it generated so many problems that I decided to use the old fashioned installation method.

Well old fashioned… Not really… Because the installation routine has not really changed from 1.0.x to 1.0.7… It still uses the files and installation is done using python. The only advantage IM offers you is:

  • Gathering and validation of values you`ve input
  • Installation in one step (You do not need to install Conversion, then Docs and then Viewer…)

But as I wrote, this can only be done using the Job Manager… This is a middleware component that is able to execute code on any WebSphere Application Server node. You have to manually configure / allow the access to these nodes. The configuration can then be found in the ISC console: Bildschirmfoto 2015-03-02 um 20.04.07

I see many a lot of problems in this approach. The access is done using ssh and you have to allow root / sudo access. This is not possible in many customer environments. There may be issues with firewall ports if IBM Docs components are installed in different LAN segments. If one step of the installation fails, the whole IBM Docs Installation is not useable… I could write down more 😉

I really do not like the IM approach. I will use the manual installation.

Installation IC5 CR2

No rocket science… “easier” filenet update (still the old bugs in the shell scripts).

My first try to edit a CCM file

I was really excited to edit my first CCM file in IBM Docs… So I started the whole environment and … buff! NOTHING! No “edit in IBM Docs” Button. No possibility to do this.

IBM Docs 2

I looked into the Knowledgecenter and saw that I`ve missed one step:
You have to install a component of ICN that is called “IBM CMIS (Content Management Interoperability Services)“. IBM provided such poor information about this topic that I opened an entry in the IBM Connections Forum and additionally a PMR. This happened on 3rd of Mars… 1,5 months ago. There were also other admins that did not understand how to install this CMIS component. Last week IBM published a new Knowledge center page how to perform the installation.

But the first comment already shows that this information is again very unclear and not understandable:

IBM Docs 1

I think this is much better than nothing but still hard to understand for an IBM Connections administrator that is not Filenet pro… But I found another guide that has a lot of screenshots how to do the installation (link). This guide is written by Charlie Price who knows the stuff he does 😉

I`m disappointed that it takes nearly 1 1/2 months (after IC5 CR2 and Docs 1.0.7 release) for IBM to listen to their IBM Connections admins. So much confusion and no one knows whom to ask. I had a lot of trouble with the IBM support where no one really understood my problem.

Please IBM enhance this in the future. But now I`m happy that editing / viewing of CCM files finally works 😉

6 thoughts on “CCM files editing in IBM Docs 1.0.7 – a tough job

  1. Hi, did you manage to show the Docs buttons in the CCM library for IBM Docs. I am still struggling with this part.

    File application handles Docs edition just fine, but I no success from my part to make the buttons appear in the Library links.
    I installed and configured the CMIS already and done before installed Docs in the server.

    If you can handle some information, or point me to the right documentation , please let me know.


    1. Hi DerbyD,

      no I did not manage to give this newly documented procedure another try.
      I will post an update, as soon as I managed to get this working.


      1. Hi julius,

        I just found the problem in my installation.

        For any reason the file LotusConnections-config.xml had defined twice the context for the /docs application (and view also) I didn’t added these block , the installation did, i guess:

        There was this block

        and this

        <sloc:static href="” ssl_href=””/>

        I just deleted the first block and it worked after that.

        I dont know if you face the same problem, but I wanted to share the solution of my problem.

        1. Hi DerbyD,

          thanks a lot for sharing your experience!!
          I will double check this as soon as I find the time to implement this.


        2. Hi DerbyD,

          I can confirm that problem. I just had the same behaviour in a new customer environment. There where two entries for each /docs and /viewer URIs. After removing the faulty ones the buttons in CCM for editing and viewing documents via IBM Docs are being displayed.


  2. Thanks for sharing these experiences!

    I had to work with the scripted installation method and not with the IIM.
    After correcting the LC-config.xml ( I also had two entries for each, docs & viewer ) I still can’t use the docs/viewer functionality for CCM files.

    This is what I have in LC-config.xml



    I also think I’m missing stuff in the events-config.xml
    Really looking to understand what controls that the buttons like “edit in IBM Docs” are being displayed for CCM?

    Cheers! Marco

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