Library Widget cannot be added / Filenet

Library Widget cannot be added / Filenet

Hi all,

it`s been a while … I was on parental leave for 2 months. I became father for the third time 😉

But as you can imagine also during my time being away from work IBM software did not stop challenging us. This time we had to deal with another Filenet problem that the libraries widget could not be added to a Community (existing libraries were functional):

Bildschirmfoto 2015-06-19 um 16.17.31

If you try to add the widget you see the following error in the log:

 The user or group with ID $IC-T-I-a and security ID S-1-98-759384356-759770452-50331745 was not found in the domain ICDomain

Okay… Group ID… from LDAP. Strange…
I was in contact with Christoph Stoettner some weeks ago who had exactly the same problem. He was able to workaround this issue by creating a group with the name “$IC-T-I-a” in the LDAP. This did not work in my environment.

We ended up in opening a PMR and then after some time the problem was found:

"FNCS is not handling the ID $IC-T-I-a correctly -- it doesn't convert it from a waltz ID and, therefore, CE can't look it up."

As you may know, you need to update the waltz and sonata jars manually after applying CR2 (–> described here – section 3.4.10) . Well I`m sure we did that after installing CR2. But after that we installed IBM Docs with the CMIS component. I have the feeling that this updat overwrites the waltz / sonata jars (I cannot prove it right now 😉 – it is just a guess). After adding the updated jars again to the “Filenet Content Engine application” everything started working!

In order not to run into this trouble (in case you`ve applied IC5 CR2)  you need to find the following Waltz / Sonata versions displayed (https://SERVERNAME/FileNet/Engine):

Bildschirmfoto 2015-06-19 um 16.05.24

Hope this helps someone of you outside there


3 thoughts on “Library Widget cannot be added / Filenet

  1. Hi Julius,
    many thanks for your investigation – and one thing to add: The issue you mentioned may also occur if you upgrade to CR3. After the CR3 roll-out, try to connect to ACCE as wasadmin. If that fails and returns some strange “null” error, in all of my tests I found the outdated waltz / sonata files as the cause. Moreover, if you try to integrate CCM CR3 with Docs, this might also fail, because you are not granted the authorization to install the ICN add-on. Replacing the FileNetEngine components as described for CR2 fixes that issue.
    Best regards
    – Matthias

  2. Hi Julius
    many thanks for this analysys.
    Same issue with Connections 5.5.
    Replacing the sonata and waltz jars using the zip file x:\ibm\connections\xkit\filenetConfig to update the FilenetEngine EAR fixes that issue

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