What would you expect from an IBM Connections / Sharepoint integration?

What would you expect from an IBM Connections / Sharepoint integration?

Hi all,

some months ago GIS decided to expand their expertise. We are now also dealing with Microsoft Collaboration tools. This decision was taken because many customers were in a dilemma:

– working with GIS as Germany`s leading consulting firm in the field of social collaboration
– but doing projects without the Microsoft stack?

This is why our management decided to also specialize more on the Microsoft stack (Sharepoint / Office365 / Exchange / hybrid integration). Very good idea in my opinion.
We have new colleagues with excellent expertise, e.g. Mostafa Elbosseily who started as a Sharepoint Administrator in our team.

Now we are able to offer a fantasic service and many integration scenarios for both, the IBM and the Microsoft world.


Our first integration idea: Enhance the existing IBM Connections / Sharepoint Plugin.

This is something obvious that we as IBM Connections specialists and our new Sharepoint colleagues start looking at… how to improve the existing integration between IC and SP. Did you already have a look at the existing IBM Connections / Sharepoint Integration described here ? For us it seems that there are a lot of things missing – despite the fact that I do not know many customer who use the existing plugin (technical problems / missing integration …).

So let`s write down some requirements and see, what exact features our customers want.
Did you already think about integrating IBM Connections and Sharepoint? If yes, what would you expect from such an integration?

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It would be really great if you could fill out this form to help us finding the best integration points.

Hopefully we soon have a solution similar like this 😉

Connections : Sharepoint Integration 1

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