IBM Connections Editor – go and get it (a short review)!

IBM Connections Editor – go and get it (a short review)!

Hi all,

recently IBM published a new app “IBM Editor” – an extension for IBM Connections that allows editing documents from IBM Connections Files (CCM Files are not supported)

Editing of documents is now “mobile” possible without the need to have IBM Docs on “board”. The main functionality is:

  • create, read, edit Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint documents from IBM Connections files
  • Editing of files is only “online” possible (not for synched offline files)
  • The APP is available for IOS / Android

Before installing this APP you need to make sure to install the newest IBM Connections APP version !


Create a new document

  • Directly from the Editor App click “plus” and then “Document”


  • or from IBM Connections Files


  • Now you can create content…


  • ..insert picture, spreadsheets, charts …


  • And then… UPLOAD the file directly to IBM Connections Files


  • The IBM Connections app opens and you can give the file a name, tag it …


  • Uploading the file


  • Now I can see my file in the Files section 😉


Edit a document

  • Choose a document


  • click on “edit”


  • IBM Editor opens and you can make your changes and then upload the file again to IBM Connections


Read a document (also for “synched” offline files)

If you click on a supported document, IBM Editor opens the file and you can start reading



Good stuff, IBM! I really like the idea to make small changes to a document on my mobile device. Especially on a tablet this really makes sense. During my testing, all functionality worked without any problem.

The only thing that I`m a bit afraid of is the fact, that the editing component must be something “open office” like and you know about compatibility between MS Word and OpenOffice – we`ll see and do some more testing.

Until then… download the APP and give it a try.


2 thoughts on “IBM Connections Editor – go and get it (a short review)!

  1. I guess the first question I would have would be, does the fact that you can’t synch with offline files mean that an edited document becomes a web-only document? Or perhaps you can export to a document, and the synchronization is all that doesn’t work. Do you know?

    1. Hi Ben, you can create files with the editor and after uploading sync those files. But you cannot edit those files from offline storage directly within the editor. So it is not a web-only document… But you can edit a file in the editor, then save it local and once you have a connection upload it to Files!

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