IBM Connections migration (4.5 CR3 – 5.0 CR3) – Issue with Filenet

IBM Connections migration (4.5 CR3 – 5.0 CR3) – Issue with Filenet

Today I saw strange things when migration IBM Connections 4.5 CR3 to 5.0 CR3!

I had to migrate Filenet too. I followed all instructions here. But the result after starting the server was:


The FileNet “Ping Page” – showed this:


And the AutomaticUpgradeStatus page showed “No updates”…

At this moment I had no good idea so I continued my migration tasks. This includes removing a producterror when changing the FileNet Administrator Password –> described in my blog post

When I opened the file (“zipped” in the file …\FINProfile\installedApps\CELL\FileNetEngine.ear\APP-INF\lib\props.jar) I saw the version number of GCD… And this surprised me!


It showed 5.2.0 (comes from the installed version in IBM Connections 4.5 CR3)

IBM Connections 4.5 CR3 –> FileNet Content Engine 5.2.0.X

IBM Connections 5.0 CR3 –> FileNet Content Engine 5.2.1.X

Hmm… Due to the fact that I upgraded directly to 5.0 CR3 and then migrated data, the version between installed CE Servers and the entry in the file did not match! This seems to cause the AutomaticUpgrade tool of Filenet to fail.

So how to solve this? Simply changing the attribute “com.filenet.gcd.ProductVersion” in the file to match version “5.2.1”


Then I restarted the server and… yeah… access to all components and migrated CCM libraries works again!


To summarize this:

If you directly migrate CCM data from IBM Connections 4.5 to 5 CR3 (or whenever the Content Engine version changes) you should take a look at the file on the target server (after migrating the encryption keys from source Engine-ws.ear to target Engine-ws.ear). A migration error (in my opinion) that did cost me a lot of time. I just found this error by chance!

Hope this helps someone of you!


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