WebSphere Portal DDC – “List of pending network invitations” not working

WebSphere Portal DDC – “List of pending network invitations” not working

Hi all,

last week I had to deal with a problem in WebSphere Portal 8.5 when using DDC to display IBM Connections content.

There is a DDC component that allows retrieving profiles based content.

We used this to offer a “invite to network” link beneath the profile:


or a “remove from my network”


functionality if the user is already part of my network.

Our initial tests showed that this works fine with TDS – but when using Active Directory or Domino Directory this stops working. No matter if the user was already part of my network, the button always showed “Invite to my network”…

We saw the error:


If you take a look at the userid you might realize that this ID is not in a format, IBM Connections DSX Service understands … IBM Connections want a GUID in the format:


WebSphere Portal calls IBM Connections with an octet string – and this leads to this error:


So we assume, that DDC does not correctly convert the octet String back to a binary string that IBM Connections „understands “.

We can see this behavior in all our environments. Only environments using TDS work, as TDS uses ibm-entryUUID as unique ID and this ID is not converted.  Active Directory uses objectGUID and Domino  dominoUNID as unique attribute – those attributes are encoded from a octet string to a binary string.

What to do now…? We raised a PMR and they quickly came with the following link:

Official description from the Knowledge Center link:

“Depending on the directory service that you use, WebSphere Portal Express needs to convert the user IDs of portal users to a format that the Connections server accepts. For example, this conversion is required if both WebSphere Portal Express and Connections are configured against a Domino® Directory service or a Microsoft Active Directory.”

After setting

use.userid.conversion = true

in the resource environment provider setting of IBM Connections Integration services, the feature started working.

Good 😉 again learnt something new.


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