IBM Connections 5.5 & DOCS 2.0 – out now

IBM Connections 5.5 & DOCs 2.0 – out now

Hi all,

today Luis Benitez announced the availability of IBM Connections 5.5 and DOCS 2.0 for on-premise users. This is a nice christmas present and I think some IBM Connections administrators will install their first 5.5 server between christmas and new year 😉


Download Part Numbers (it seems that there are still some mandatory installation packages missing as on 18.12.2015 – I will update the post as soon as all packages got released):

IBM Connections 5.5

  • IBM Connections V5.5 for Windows Multilingual (CN808ML)
  • IBM Connections V5.5 Wizard for Windows Multilingual (CN80DML)
  • IBM Connections V5.5 Cognos Wizard for Windows Multilingual (CN80GML)
  • IBM Connections Community Surveys V5.5 for Windows Multilingual (CN80KML)

IBM Docs 2.0

  • collapse IBM Connections Docs V2.0 Multiplatform Multilingual eAssembly (CRY75ML)

IBM Connections 5.5 reviewer guide

IBM Connections 5.5 System Requirements

IBM Connections 5.5 API Documentation

Remark for IBM Connections Mail users – compatible version for 5.5 is expected in Q1 2016.

Updated IBM Connections Plugins that support nested folders


What`s new in IBM Docs 2.0 (some new features)

New features

  • Enhanced editor
  • User comments in IBM Connections style
  • “Who is currently working on a document”
  • Inserting Power Point presentations and Excel sheets into a document
  • Autopublish functionality


  • Support for WebSphere Application Server 8.5.5 FP6
  • Red Hat 5,6,7
  • SLES 12
  • Windows 2008 & 2012

What`s new in IBM Connections 5.5 (some new features)

New features


  • New theme (analogous to IBM Connections cloud)


  • Improved Community functionality
  • Summary of the Community navigation drawer
  • Change of the UI layout (2 columns, 3 columns, 3 columns with banner)
  • Integration of external sources into Community description
  • Moving of community to sub-community or sub-community to community now possible in UI for the community owner (no more wsadmin command mandatory)
  • Customizable Community eMail notifications (control whether members can email each other or only owners)


  • Search type ahead
  • Remember recent searches
  • Rank content higher in your search results

Activity Stream

  • Activity Stream “Rolll-up” – Summary of events

CK Editor

  • Improved CK Editor
  • HTML 5 for faster performance
  • Responsive UI
  • Copy + paste word content and images


  • Nested folders
  • Drag & drop of files & folders into browser

What`s new 1

Explorer / Word Plugin

  • Upload of complete folder structures into IBM Connections files
  • Office “save-as” integration


  • Support for WebSphere Application Server 8.5.5 FP6
  • Red Hat 5,6,7
  • SLES 12
  • Windows 2008 & 2012

So far the basic new functionality that I saw on this new release. The are a few more but those are definitely the most interesting ones.

So what to say about this? Great IBM!!! You did your homework very well! Everything that was promised on ConnectED 2015 is now part of those two products.

During this year I had the feeling that the development of IBM Connections for on-premise customers slows down… There were CRs with only bug fixing and no real new features. But new features.. this is what we want.

And here we go 😉

I`ll write a post after I installed my first Connections 5.5 environment and report about the new features in more details and with pictures.


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