IBM Connections 5.5 CR2 released

IBM Connections 5.5 CR2 released

Hi all,

IBM released CR2 for IBM Connections 5.5:

A prerequisite for CR2 is at least WAS 8.5.5 FP9 (let`s see when FP10 will be officially supported)

A general step-by-step guide installing CR2 is provided by IBM.

A new CR2 version of the Cognos wizard can be downloaded

If you take a look at the Fix list, there are some nice new features (I need to install CR2 first in order to have an overview about this new stuff):

  • Implemented a setting that allows community owners to change the sharing of the root folder of a CCM Library via a sharing panel and/or sharing dialog very similar to the existing features for folder and file sharing. This feature is enabled by the setting <librarySharingPanel>true</librarySharingPanel> to the library-config.xml
  • Implemented a method so Administrators could remove obsolete widgets, like Media Gallery, from communities
  • Improvements to the maximum size settings for uploading a file
  • Added Device Passcode Configuration Support
  • Include type restriction information from files-config in mobile config feed
  • Added the “Open in Mobile” link for File Comment / Community Status Comment in notifications
  • General improvements for TDISOL

as there are TDISOL improvements you should also replace your TDISOL with the newest version in your IBM Connections folder.


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