IBM Connections Docs – file preview not possible for some CCM pdf files

IBM Connections Docs – file preview not possible for some CCM pdf files

Hi all,

last week we had trouble in a customer environment using the file preview functionality for some pdf files (only those that were uploaded using CCM).

Instead of a preview the message was displayed:


At the same time we saw the following warning in the log:


The mime-type was set to “image/pcl” instead of “application/pdf”… this mime-type is not supported by IBM Docs File viewer. We had to dig deep into the customers’ environment in order to find the solution…

If you browse to we filtered all files with this buggy mime-type:


Testing this issue with different browsers:

  • FF – does not work
  • IE – works
  • Chrome – works
  • Safari – works
  • Connections Desktop Plugins – works

Our idea was that the mime-type is set based on a specific browser setting…

Firefox has its own mime-types table definition: mimeTypes.rdf in the FF profile folder. Looking into this file we found the ambiguous entry:


This seems to be a known problem:

The fix:

  • Close FF
  • Delete the mime-types.rdf file
  • Start FF (the mime-types.rdf file is recreated without the erroneous entry)

Uploading a pdf file with this new setting creates the correct mime-type within CCM so that the file preview for CCM files starts working again.

Unfortunately, we could not find a solution how to change the mime-type for already uploaded files (with wrong mime-type) – only re-uploading with the correct setting works here. Changing stuff in the Filenet databases is no fun 😉

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