IBM Connections 6 – Following and Followers blank

IBM Connections 6 – Following and Followers blank


during the last weeks we had to deal with a strange problem in an IBM Connections 6 environment.

The system was migrated from IC 5.5 to IC 6 and live for about 4 weeks when suddenly the following problem occurred:

Neither users that I follow nor followers were shown in the UI. Despite installing the latest Fixes no bigger changes have been performed on the system.

I was able to follow a user:

Looks good:

Then opening “Following” shows the right results:

But then after some minutes… the entries vanish!

Opening up a PMR ended in a nightmare that took nearly 8 weeks until the solution was found!

During this time there were various troubleshooting sessions where:

  • customizations have been completely disabled
  • ST integration was switched off
  • HTTP Rewrite rules were introduced to prevent caching
  • traces and again traces

All data was available in database… but the UI had in a way problems to correctly retrieve the data.

The solution:

In the trace for the news app IBM saw the following incorrect OrgID:

[10/18/17 14:58:36:669 UTC] 00000116 FollowingImpl > getResourceId ENTRY ResourceImpl [source=PROFILES, type=PROFILE, id=A6906D52-F329-43C8-9F97-5D0E7005E486, organizationId=00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000, ]
[10/18/17 14:58:36:670 UTC] 00000116 FollowingImpl < getResourceId RETURN [Ljava.lang.Object;@ba483562
[10/18/17 14:58:36:670 UTC] 00000116 FollowingImpl 3 isResourceFollowed Resource is not known, therefore cannot be followed by anybody yet!
[10/18/17 14:58:36:670 UTC] 00000116 FollowingImpl < isResourceFollowed RETURN false

It seems that a database table HOMEPAGE.NR_RESOURCE had null values in the column “ORGANIZATION_ID”:

If this is the case you know that you seem to have the same or similar problem…

Updating the columns to match the actual ORGANIZATION_ID of the system solved the problem:


Hope this helps someone out there.

Btw. it is not yet known where this comes from. Neither why this happened. It seems other environments are also affected. I think it is a rare specialty that only occurs when using ORACLE as DBMS.


EDIT: Yesterday I`ve got a mail from Frank, who was working on a CNX 5.5 to 6 migration. He observed the same behavior but with DB2 as DBMS! The solution is the same… SO it seems this issue does NOT only occur with oracle but also with DB2.

The fix above fixes the issue – a permanent solution will be introduced with IBM Connections 6 CR!

One thought on “IBM Connections 6 – Following and Followers blank

  1. The permanent fix for this issue will be provided via APAR LO94124, which should be included in the upcoming IC6 CR4.
    IBM Support can provide a iFix for IC6 CR2 and CR3 by opening a Support Case. Thanks!

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