Domino 10 – to be continued!

Welcome to the first post about IBM Domino on our GIS AG Techblog!

Here at GIS AG, we have a dedicated IBM Domino team made up of certified specialists for everything from development, to administration, support and beyond. On this blog we will be sharing the latest news and technical information about IBM Domino.

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Domino  10 – This year Notes and Domino 9.0.1 FP10 will be released and 2018 Domino 10 unveiled.
In response to popular demand, IBM announced they have formed a strategic initiative to investigate in their Domino Product Family (Notes, Domino, Sametime und Verse).
IBM partner global IT services provider HCL Technologies will take care of the software development.  IBM customers are involved in the implementation of the strategy #Domino2025  – “Help us define the future”

Check out the message from VP of Product Management, Ed Brill:

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