Disabling IBM Connections FilePreview breaks file comments

Disabling IBM Connections FilePreview breaks file comments


since IBM Connections 5.5 a new way of displaying files was introduced.

Instead of the “old” look:

a FilePreview window is opened:

In IC5.5 it is possible to enable the “old” way of viewing a file again – this was done using the Gatekeeper feature of Connections:


You need to set those three values to “false”

Then the old way of viewing files is displayed… but…

No more comments…!

Clicking between versions and comments brings back some content:

But not really convienient… and not all comments are shown!

It turned out that the above option that works in IC 5.5 does NOT work in IC 6.0 (CR1).

So do not disable File Preview… instead install Docs so that all files get displayed correctly 😉

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