Review DevOpsCon 2018

Hi all,

my colleague Sebastian and me went to a two days conference „DevOpsCon“ in Berlin this week. I would like to summarize my impressions from this conference.

Conference location and setup

DevOpsCon 2018 was located at Berlin in a large Hotel „Mercure Moabit“. Nice and well cooled meeting rooms (air conditioning became urgent those days)! A large meeting hall with additional exhibition (okay… this was far too warm there 😉 ).

There are always some small things you could complain about… For me everything was great!

The conference was setup for four days. Two days full of sessions and Two days workshops. Great idea – go to the guys that tell you something about the hot shit and then attend their workshop to try this out… Great approach even though I cannot judge the quality of this workshops as I did not attend.


Sessions and topics

More important than the location are the sessions as well as the topics. Most of the topics were related to „DevOps“ (normal if you read the name of the conference 😉 )

Nearly everything that is relevant in our days of the „new IT world“ was there:

  • Docker / Kubernetes
  • Serverless
  • Security
  • CI/CD
  • Automation
  • Cloud
  • … and and and …

For me this was a great mixture of all „hot topics“ that companies have or should deal with!

In total all sessions were interesting and interactive. There was no session that really failed – okay… the sessions of the sponsors that focus too much on their products than on the technology are sometimes a bit anoying (just my opinion – but also understandable as the sponsors want to sell something).

I learnt a lot from the sessions – it was hard for me to find real „new shit“ that hasn’t been discussed before – but this might be related that I just start to get to know the „new world of IT“.

The sessions definitely showed trends in this area and where the journey leads to.

After attending this conference I can better understand expressions like: “in 10 years there is no more hypervisor virtualization anymore”… Let`s see 😉


I was totally surprised about the quality of the speakers. The sessions duration (most of them) was 1h … it is pretty hard to talk for one hour – all speakers I saw did their job really great. Some session highlights for me:

  • Chad Arimura (Oracle) session was about CI/CD in a serverless world. Interesting stuff – well explained and a very experienced speaker
  • Tim Mackey (Black Duck Software) talked about new Security challenges with CI and DevOps practices. Cool session with depth.
  • Sandra Parsick (self employed) talked about IT automation and the fact that Docker might not always be the only possibility. She impressively showed what automation level is possible using Ansible.
  • Thorsten Köster (shopping24) did a great session about their journey into AWS and back to on-premise bare metal. A thrilling session that showed up that cloud is not always  the best solution
  • Erkan Yanar (linsenlaum) – what a great entertainer. His session about Kubernetes Architecture was mostly without slides  (I like) – he worked a lot with the console and definitely knows what he does.


I liked this conference! I got a great overview about the „new / hot and interesting shit“ that is important for DevOps.

Additional to this well organized, good location and excellent speakers!

Another learning for me was that many people / companies already work with those technologies – but not as much as I would have expected. A poll within the audience showed that less than 30 % already use Containers in production. Means it is the right time to get into this interesting topic.

I believe there is a great potential for companies and partners!

I will attend DevOpsCon 2019 again – next time maybe with the additional Workshops that were offered.

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