IT-Modernization – a cost saving future with IBM Cloud Private

IT-Modernization – a cost saving future with IBM Cloud Private

Hi all,

Reviewing the last years 2017 / 2018 I heard many people saying things like this:

“Containers will replace hypervisor based virtual machines within the next years”

This might really happen and everyone who understands the benefits of containers or even of the complete IT modernization approach will sign this statement – so I do.
Working with containers since 1,5 years in the context of IBM Connections as well as custom projects with plain Docker, showed us the benefits of this fantastic technology.

Only some benefits of IT modernization:
– Cost savings
– CD / CI automation
– Faster release cycles
– DevOps
– Scalability
– Integrated monitoring and alerting
– happier developers
… and many more

We as GIS AG think that IT modernization and the invest into this modern technologies is one of the key factors for companies to enlarge their competitive advantages.

We would like to share our technical knowledge with customers that are not able or willing to develop their own IT modernization strategy. IT modernization is a journey that needs to be well planned and all people need to be involved – we also see a cultural change in the way project teams work together in the future (e.g. DevOps …)

Furthermore, we think that setting up an IT modernization strategy with plain Docker, Kubernetes and co. is a tremendous effort… There are many „all-in-one“ solutions on the market that close the gap between setting it up yourself and enjoying the comfort to install an environment with most of the crash points solved.

All-in-one solutions solve the following challenges for you:

  • Automation
  • Monitoring / Alerting
  • Hybrid cloud approach (public / private) …
  • Continuous Delivery / Integration
  • Clustering / HA
  • Setup of the infrastructure
  • Docker / Kubernetes – choice of further components
  • Network security
  • Security scanning
  • and many more

We compared solutions on the market and think that IBM Cloud private offers a balance between enterprise IT-modernization toolset and cost efficiency. ICP includes the following features that you need to manually install / develop when using plain Docker / Kubernetes:

  • private cloud in your datacenter (your datacenter, your rules)
    ICP creates a fully functional private cloud in your datacenter. Security concerns are blown away. But you have the option to push your Containers into a public cloud offering using one button
  • IBM microclimate
    end-to-end development environment / DevOps pipelines
  • open source software with full IBM support
  • Vulnerability scanner / monitoring and altering
  • included IBM J2EE middleware licenses that lower the effort to move an existing application into the private cloud
  • and many more

Our consulting approach is to accompany you as a customer from the first idea of it modernization until the go-live of your modernized application(s).
This approach consists of a series of workshops, installation and configuration of the mandatory infrastructure as well as development and qualification of existing application.

Have a look at your flyer (it is in German 😉 ). I`m happy to hearing from you!

IT Modernisierung – Die kostensparende IT Zukunft

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