My new way…

Hi all,

after seven years of IBM / ISC stuff I`ll be leaving my company GIS AG. I found a new exiting job with a lot of cloud / docker / Kubernetes stuff, highly motivated colleagues and newest technologies.

The last years were branded with a lot of projects and work with IBM technology. I had a lot of fun working with this stuff, creating this blog and exchanging information with other ISC specialists. It was like a small family, as there were not that many experts out there who could handle all this stuff. Within the last year I assume mostly every one realized that this technology is not future prove anymore – or to be more precise – on-premise infrastructure will be expanded or replaced by cloud / hybrid cloud systems.

I started working with AWS and it is such a technical quantum leap in terms of functionality, provisioning, flexibility and security compared with the “old” world. This new world already started and I`ll be able to help customers to be part of this story! Awesome 😉

This blog will be discontinued… I`ll maybe start a new, more private blog.

Thanks to all of you who visited my blog, commented, were able to use my tips and tricks and the contacts that enabled us all to solve complex problems – a fantastic community! I wish you all the best!!!

2 thoughts on “My new way…

  1. Hi Julius

    I do understand this step. All the best for the new challenges that are ahead and let’s stay in touch


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